Rare Item Monday!

Hey, Jammer's! CoolCat here with another post! How's 2017 for you all so far? Its been great so far for me! I also wanted to wish you all a Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day! But lets get right to todays Rare Item Monday!

Todays Rare Item Monday is the Rare Snow Boots! They are located in Jamaa Township's Jam-Mart Clothing. They are on the 15th page in the clothing store. They are for sale for 800 gems and are members only. The color scheme is blue and gray.

I love this item! I don't believe I have seen an item like this before. Which makes it super unique! The colors work well with the spots of snow on the shoes. They will also be a great item to have until spring. Make sure you pick up you're Rare Snow Boots today!

As always. Bye, Jammer's! And ~Jam On!~

Jammer Sundae #69!

Can you believe it? We're almost at 70 Jammer Sundaes! That means I've been on the blog for over 70 weeks... Crazy isn't it? And look how much has changed since then. It's spooky how quickly time seems to slip away when one doesn't pay attention. Ah, time - the greatest feat of evasion the world has ever known!

By the way, Penguin has also posted today, with what's new in Jamaa:

Be sure to check out his post here!!

Alright, moving on:

That seems to be all for today actually...

Wait. Am I forgetting something? Let's see: 

Rather long intro - check
Feature about items today - check
Curious commentary - check

Well, that seems to be in order. Nothing missed. Suppose I'll be leaving now! 

Feel free to contact me at arcticstrjamaa@gmail.com !


Ah heh heh, just Arctic being silly and stalling. Fear not, here's the Sundae, as per usual:

We'll just see where this goes, alright?

I was looking through my old photos when I found this:

Out of context, it makes no sense. With context, it would probably make even less sense. Let's just move on shall we?

It's almost like winter just WANTS us to fall:

H is for hurry. E is for urgent. L is for love me. P is for p-p-please help me!

There he goes:


And now it is time for the factual part of this post:

Our word of the day:

Gongoozle: To openly stare

Haha I love such creative words!

Our fact of the day: 

There are 31, 536, 000 seconds in a year

So make it count! See you next week friends!

Feel free to contact me at arcticstarjamaa@gmail.com !

My Return to the AJ Community Blog!

Okay, well, for the past few weeks, my life has been busy and rough.
It's me. Penguin. I'm back on this blog! I still have been posting on the AJ Community, but not here. Why? Just like I said in the beginning, my life has been rough. There has been a lot of IRL drama for me, homework, and just stuff that bothers me. I'm feeling better about all of it now, though. My birthday was on Friday (the thirteenth, haha!) and it was a really great day! All of my AJ buddies made me feel special, even though I don't deserve any attention. I'd just like to thank you all for being great people and helping the Blogger Community!
Also, I just wanted to add this in- on this blog, I can't reply to comments. I can only comment on pop up window blogs, like the ones that Purplestarclub and I own. It's a weird glitch, and I just wanted to tell the newer viewers that. I do read comments, it's just that the glitch won't let me reply.
Anyways, it is Sunday for me, but just a little past midnight. Today has also been a little busy, but I'm finally posting. For me, it's still basically Saturday. (Not literally, though! I just count late night as the same day it was earlier). And even though it's late, I'll still make the update post. Here is the newest item!
Also, here is the Daily Explorer Update.
 It feels good to be making a post here again!
Now, recently, the Message in a Bottle thing wrapped up. But Julian2 made a video about other questions remaining, and I can relate to many of them.
After the adventure was released, I was wondering where Peck was. I thought she was captured! What was she doing if that didn't happen? This is the biggest question for me, and I'd like to hear your opinion on it.
Now that's all I have for this post. These next few days will be rough because we're getting hit with serious ice storm. Hopefully school will be cancelled but the power remains (with my luck, it'll be the opposite lol). So yeah, I'll see you guys in my next post!

Reacting To Old Art.. Your In For A Treat..

Koala bears.. ðŸĻðŸĻðŸĻðŸĻ They sleep in trees.. ðŸŒēðŸŒēðŸŒēðŸŒēThey eat *squeaky voice* eucalyptus leaves.. 🍃🍂🍃🍂 They don't *squeaky voice* speeeeaaak! ðŸ—ĢðŸ—ĢðŸ—ĢðŸ—Ģ Oh koala bears.. ðŸĻðŸĻðŸĻðŸĻ How fascinating you are to... *squeaky voice* Meeeee! 👧


I don't have copyright on it.. But whatever..

Hello, Jammers! Welcome to my second post in 2017! Seems like 2017 is going so slow, when 2016 went so fast.. 😁

Any who! Lets jump right into today's post!

Ever heard of posts where blogger's react to their old art? Well, I believe it was started by Purplestarclub, then Lostfairy decided to do one too, then Swirlshine, and now me! But for mine, you may want to have a pillow ready to scream in. Ready? *gives everyone a pillow*


First up, "Grumpy my fish".

First of all, why doesn't his body close off? And second of all, what on earth happened to his fins?! 
Oh gosh. 
Oh gosh. 

WordGirl is on the TV *hides* 
So this is a drawing of when I was sick, because I said "The med's didn't work". And my Mom replies saying, "Do you want a recola?" And I say "Ok." 
This is so kiddish. I have an Anna And Elsa blanket near me, and WordGirl is on the TV. 
Oh gosh.. 

One of my all time favorites for sure
It looks like weird squad of eagles in the Chamber Of Knowledge.. Look at it compared to the real Chamber Of Knowledge! 

I didn't even draw the telescopes or stars.. Wow. 

The AJ art studio ðŸ˜ģ. It's better then the Chamber Of Knowledge, but hold on- is that a giraffe on the shelf? There's one in the art studio, but its faceless! No eyes, no nose, no mouth, not even spots! What happened here? And that table.. It's so.. Plain.. Couldn't I at least made it thick? ðŸ˜Ĩ This is too much.. My oh my. 

Time to get out your screaming pillows! 
Oh my gosh. Look at Sir Gilbert! He looks like a distorted monkey compared to the picture I taped on the left! 

And it looks like he has hair?! 
Now to zoom in closer on the Sir Gilbert on the left.


The Diamond Shop! 
Is that Arctic Wolf going to sneeze or something? And all the little displays are so.. *shivers* I.. I have no words right now, other then, this drawing needs help.

Is this a sea monster?
Or a beginning of a wolf? 
Why is it's ears pushed back SO much? 
Time to get out the screaming pillows again! 
Like seriously 
Is that teeth or eyes? 
Oh my gosh, we need to move on from this one O.O. 

A text to my mom:
Me: I'm worried :( 
Mom: Why? 
Me: When I breathe in it's hard.
Mom: Do you want a recola? 
Me: Ok. 

Okay, why was Mom's answer to everything and anything "Do you want a recola?" in my drawings. Hehe..

Captain Melviles Juice Hut has seen better days..
And what on earth is that on stage?! What animal is that?!?! 
What on earth?! 
Is that a cow? 
A pig?? 
I don't even know!


Anywhozle! I hope you enjoyed this crazy post! You now may return your screaming pillows and continue your life. 😊

On a second note, that I didn't plan on posting about..

I'm in a state of mourning. 
I am very very upset. 

Just look.

AJHQ unbuddied me.. I'm really really upset. 

I just wished I got some sort of notice or a reason why they did this, but I got nothing. 
I'm so sad, we had so much fun together, going on adventures, ran into Bepper, once ran into Snowyclaw, had hot cocoa together, they even spoke to me. I'm really upset, and hope they buddy me again, but I guess thats impossible.

But I guess I just have to let it go, but it's hard. 

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed today's post.

Here's this weeks Bible verse.

Psalm 116:5

How kind the Lord is! How good he is! So merciful, this God of ours!

Remember, God made YOU!

Until next Tuesday, this is Graciepopstar91 signin' out!

P.S. I'm still in mourning. 
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